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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We are the Champions Again

Pacesetters Invitational U-16 Silver

Champions !

Game 1....loss3-2 vs TFA

Game 2 ....tie 1-1
`vs New Albany

game 3 win 2-1 vs Michigan Rush South

game 1-2 vs. Crush

semi final game win ....2-1 vs a u-17 team from our own club Metro Stars

final game....2-0 1 vs another u-17 team from michigan Down river Nike
This last photo is my Romeo boys- Sebe, Zach Saul and David! They are all hoping to play together next years varsity team at RHS!


Halls said...

TREASURE these memories!!!! They are unforgettable. Rob and I pass fields now and we say how much we miss it.

Doreen said...

way to go Zach! You still look the same.


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