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The desire of my heart is to become the person God dreams of and share those dreams with others; to unleash personal and corporate creativiy within the church, overflowing it with passion and freedom while searching for the face and character of God.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tree Hunting 2007


So today I had a doctor appointment with my Gynecologist.
what I thought was going to be a normal, yearly check up ended up with me having to make an appointment for a mammogram. Nothing new, being 40 now I have to go yearly anyway, however I should hae gone in April so I was a bit over due, BUT being I was a bit pre occupied with melanoma in April and then spent the next 10 weeks+ dealing with multiple appointments and culminating with surgery going for a mammogram kind of gotta put on the back burner. Now I am wishing I had gone when I was suppose to. My doctor found a suspicious , dense, mass. Bummer is, as well as feeling that, I also had high blood pressure ( well duh, you just tell me you feel something that should not be there then take my blood pressure?) but I have no insurance. The boys have been our priority and they have coverage through the Michigan Mi Child program but me, nada.....when I got home and called the comprehensive breast cancer center, where I have gone since begining to have these exams and I found out is is going to cost me $150 for the film version of a mammogram or $275 for a digital version, well that is a no brainer right, then another $140.00 for an ultra sound on my left breast. The doctor wants me to have a bilateral with a diagnostic for the mammogram and the left breast ultra sound. The health center proceeded to tell me I need to pay in full on the day of the mammogram, 3 weeks before Christmas - right- have no idea how we are going to do this one! So far the only thing I am sure of " I hate being 40! I have been so healthy my whole life, only time I have ever been in the hospital except for melanoma was to have my 4 babies. On a good note- had my 6 month check up with the dermatologist last week and they did not find anything new. God sure does have a sense of humor huh? My mammogram is currently schedualed for next thursday at 10:15am then a return to the gynecologist on January 8.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks'giv'ing n. 1 a formal public expression of thanks to God 2 (T-) an annual U.S. Holiday observed on the fourth Thursday of November.

really that is what it says in the Webster's New World dictionary ........

and today as this Thanksgiving comes to a close I am Thankful.

Thankful for family, although today was a different kind of holiday for us being in Michigan with out any of our extended family( and I miss you all- ) and still lonely for our Community family we still found time to be thankful, with a lazy morning full of parades, bands, floats and football along with anticipating the smells of turkey, potatoes and gravy as well as corn, asparagus, apple and pumpkin pie....oh the list goes on for a small family of 6 but it was worth it, Matt was healthy after a traumatic year of knee surgery and then cancer surgery for me we are in relatively good health, we have had ups and we have had downs but through it all God has been constant. It has not always felt like he has even been near but would not really ever want to find out what it is like with out HIM! God is Good!

Zach, my handsome first born son....can it be you are 15 and a sophomore in high school, with girlfriends around every corner....well not truly but it is hard for me not to be the only girl in your life- I am Thankful for the transition you are making from being a a kid to being a godly young man, I am amazed at every one of your soccer games as to your speed, you agility your passion for the game. I am trying not to blink so as not to miss a minute of it . Continue giving your very best to Jesus and He will give you the desires of your heart and know I am always going to be your number one cheerleader! I am Thankful!

Thankful for Aaron -Your sweet nature continues to be the bright spot in our home. Ever since you learned to smile you have never stopped- it has been a joy to watch you grow, and grow and grow and well you get the picture! at 6 feet tall I can no longer look into your eyes with out telling you stop that growing but you know I really do not want that to happen I am just sad knowing one day you will not be my little guy any more. You had a fabulous football season and are beginning the basketball season now- no matter how many wins and losses you have on the field or the court, know I just want you to keep winning for Him! You make me so proud and I am Thankful.

Noah you amaze me and I am so thankful! you have grown up to be a bright, articulate confident 12 years old! I know that Jesus is leading your way and am excited to find out what he has in store for you- this year is a turning point for me as you graduated 5Th grade and begun middle school, the first of your brothers to go to middle school as a 6Th grader frightens me to death yet you have taken it all in stride. I am so proud of you and thankful for having you in our lives- that day we almost lost you in the backyard pool when you where 3 had changed my life 9 years ago and today you are still my Hero and make me Thankful.

Micah - my baby! I know you do not like when I call you that but in my eyes you are still my baby even at 9 years old yet how thankful I am to have spent these precious 9 years with you. Even though you are in 3rd grade this year I still miss you every day you are at school, If I knew I could do a good job I would home school you in a minute! BUT i know how social you are and that you would only be home schooled to make me happy, for you love your friends at your school and you truly do well when you are there- you are learning so much and so fast your teacher sometimes has to give you more work because you get it all done so quickly to get on to the next thing you can learn. The other day when mommy and daddy where getting ready for Mr Jason's wedding you told me that one day when yo go married you were going to marry some one just like me. Talk about making my day......I thank God for you every day Micah.

I am Thankful for friends - we played a friendly game of backyard football with the neighboring family where the Mabey family went down in a blaze of Glory:) (better luck next year to us) It has been different the last few years and yes that coming from the mouth of someone who admits that different is good! Yet sometimes I will say I miss the the way things used to be. We have allot of friends and continue to make new friends every day but when it comes to the holiday sometimes you just want the comfort of old friends! Well today quiet possibly sparked a new tradition and helped in the way of creating new, lasting friendships. The family that lives next door to us has three boys and they borrowed an extra one for the football game, you know for even teams, even though our boys are 15, 14, 12 and 9 and there boys are 11, 10, and 6 plus the extra boy who was 10 or 11.........

so any way..... as in the first definition of Thanksgiving let this be my formal public expression of thanks to God for with out Him my life would be a wreck - I did not do so good with out Him early on and am sure it would have only gotten worse- but today I can celebrate Him and thank Him for loving me and being my best friend even when I do not deserve it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


After 6 years and 3 surgeries - Micah still has fluid in his left ear! I don't get it-

he is needing 5 drops twice a day for 10 days then back to the ENT- what a drag.
Please pray, this is getting ridiculous.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Challenge day!

I spent a very tiring but rewarding two days at our Romeo High school!
Imagine a world where every child feels safe, loved and Celebrated!
Realize you can be the change you wish to see in the world!
Welcome to the world of challenge day!
The Challenge Day program is designed to help stop the violence and alienation that youth face every day. We don't believe that young people feel isolated due to a lack of people around them. Rather, they feel isolated because of a lack of connection with them. Our program tears down the walls of separation, creates connection and support among participants, and inspires people to live in an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect.
Challenge Day: A one-day workshop where youth, teachers, parents, administrators, counselors and members of the community experience for themselves that love and connection are indeed possible in our schools.
Through a carefully designed series of innovative games, activities, group discussions, icebreakers and trust-building exercises, participants learn how to break down the walls of separation and create new levels of respect and communication with their peers, teachers, parents and themselves.
Challenge Day believes that separation, isolation and loneliness are the root cause of a wide range of teen issues such as teasing, bullying, stereotyping, racism, violence, suicide, sexism, and the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. By promoting self-acceptance and respect for others, Challenge Day ignites participants' passions and inspires them to become positive forces in their schools and communities.
To introduce the school and larger community to the Challenge Day concepts, Be The Change School Teams begin with a series of Showcase Challenge Days. These days help to enroll support and participation in creating the school's long range plan. Additional Challenge Days or other programs, such as our Mentorship and Challenger programs, can then be integrated into that plan. Challenge Days can also be tailored for special classes, such as Leadership/Conflict Resolution Groups or the Junior class Legacy model, while Senior Challenge Days are a wonderful way for graduating seniors to gain closure on high school, and plan for what the future holds.
In some cases, where entire schools are committed to creating an environment where every child feels safe, loved and celebrated, School Teams can be coached in co-creating the entire "Be The Change School" model.
notice • choose • act
2520 Stanwell
Be the Change!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fullum wedding - Finally!

After 10 years of knowing this man!
We finally had the privilege of celebrating
with him on his wedding day!

Congratulations J I(we) am so happy for you!

(I)We look forward to watching your marriage
grow and flourish!

Santa Arrives

Aarons middle school band welcomed Santa to Frontier town on a cold blustery day-
this was the first opportunity we had to hear them this school year and it was a treat!
That is Aaron there on the drum in the orange sweater......cute huh?

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Aaron is the starting Center on the 8th grade basketball team!

Friday, November 09, 2007


Last day of ( of 3 days) Basketball tryouts for Aaron

Will let you know how it goes!


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