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Friday, November 30, 2007


So today I had a doctor appointment with my Gynecologist.
what I thought was going to be a normal, yearly check up ended up with me having to make an appointment for a mammogram. Nothing new, being 40 now I have to go yearly anyway, however I should hae gone in April so I was a bit over due, BUT being I was a bit pre occupied with melanoma in April and then spent the next 10 weeks+ dealing with multiple appointments and culminating with surgery going for a mammogram kind of gotta put on the back burner. Now I am wishing I had gone when I was suppose to. My doctor found a suspicious , dense, mass. Bummer is, as well as feeling that, I also had high blood pressure ( well duh, you just tell me you feel something that should not be there then take my blood pressure?) but I have no insurance. The boys have been our priority and they have coverage through the Michigan Mi Child program but me, nada.....when I got home and called the comprehensive breast cancer center, where I have gone since begining to have these exams and I found out is is going to cost me $150 for the film version of a mammogram or $275 for a digital version, well that is a no brainer right, then another $140.00 for an ultra sound on my left breast. The doctor wants me to have a bilateral with a diagnostic for the mammogram and the left breast ultra sound. The health center proceeded to tell me I need to pay in full on the day of the mammogram, 3 weeks before Christmas - right- have no idea how we are going to do this one! So far the only thing I am sure of " I hate being 40! I have been so healthy my whole life, only time I have ever been in the hospital except for melanoma was to have my 4 babies. On a good note- had my 6 month check up with the dermatologist last week and they did not find anything new. God sure does have a sense of humor huh? My mammogram is currently schedualed for next thursday at 10:15am then a return to the gynecologist on January 8.


Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Gyn appointments - the pits on a regular visit and even worse when they give you ugg news. Will be praying for some great news!

Karla and Russ

Doreen said...

Will be praying for good news my friend. Hang in there!! It stinks hitting those 40's!


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