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The desire of my heart is to become the person God dreams of and share those dreams with others; to unleash personal and corporate creativiy within the church, overflowing it with passion and freedom while searching for the face and character of God.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

OKAY! We are back on line- BUT First things First-

Tomorrow PLEASE COME AND JOIN US for our first
Preview Service of a new Baby-

Pathway Community Church
is our new East Michigan Wesleyan church launch
and we are having a trial service prior to our September 21st Launch service

Join us Sunday June 21 at 10:00 am at the
Utica School IRC building
(instructional Resource Center)

The address is 14201 Canal Rd. It is in Sterling Heights. The zip is 48313.
about a mile south of Hall road!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still off-

Computer still off- I am at the library again- good thing is the boys are participating in the summer reading program through our local Romeo Library- and Noah and Micah are really reading and enjoying it. Micah has a goal to read 25 book his reading level or higher- of course it helps we told him if he read 25 books we would give him 25 dollars:) don't laugh, it keeps them reading! Noah wont read quite so many, his book as longer and harder, Zach HAS to read but I posted about that earlier- for his AP English class this coming fall, 4 classics, glad its him and not me- Aaron well, if it is about sports he'll read it in between his morning football sessions and afternoon basketball practice he is pretty wiped out by 8pm (last night he fell asleep in the basement watching tv)

okay gotta run my time limit is just about up. Maybe we will be back on line tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Having a whirlwind of time-

Presently at the library for this update so it will be short and sweet-

We returned home from Kentucky, the computer was on at the time, we were able to catch up on a few e-mails and then it went dead- have no idea what happened- HOWEVER
prior to our departure we were one of the hundreds of thousands in the area without power after a HUGE storm (not sure if they are calling it a tornado or not) so we were with out power for a few days, well actually we had a generator to run the fridge and the sump pump but no other electricity therefor we have a lot of catching up to do. I was hoping to be able to do all that catching up stuff this week but with out Internet access at home it will be difficult so those of you bloggers wondering where the Mabey's are- that is the short of it. Hope to be back on line by next week but who knows?

Monday, June 02, 2008

My walk monday

I have been absent from My walk Mondays for a couple of weeks but catching up today-

What is the hardest trial you have been through to date?

my answer:

Well some of my writing during the last few years will let you know what it has been like

BE still. The situations you face have caused you to be unsettled and anxious, you are tending toward impulsivness. But, I say to you wait on Me. I will most certianly bring you through this troubling time, and I will strengthen, establish and settle you in my purpose as you yield to my guidance. Stop. Refocus. Be at peace, for you can trust me absolutely. Ask, and I will give you wisdom and direct your steps. Do not step out in your flesh and by the power of your own good ideas to try to bring resolution to your problems. Have faith in Me,says the LORD.

Ecc. 7:3

Sorrow is better than laughter; for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better. It is sorrow that makes us think deeply, long and soberly. Great thunderstorms of sorrow reveal hidden depths within that were never hitherto suspected. God never uses anybody to a large degree, until after He breaks that one all to pieces. Joseph had more sorrow than all the other sons of Jacob, and it led him into a ministry of bread to all nations.

Every person and every nation must take lessons in God's school of adversity. "We can say blessed is night for it reveals to us the stars." at the same time we can say "blessed is sorrow for it reveales to us GOd's comfort"

A chapter in our lives is coming to an end, and in doing so I am trying to remember as C.S. Lewis stated in his movie the Chronicles of Narnia, " All that is wrong will be turned right when ASLAN comes into sight.

My people, this is the hour of transformation, a time of new beginnings. It is a time when I would have you forget all of those things that are behind you so that you can press and push toward the mark of the high calling of your Lord, which has been set for you, your destiny fulfilled.

You are entering a season in which you can be all that you have been called to be in My kingdom, says the Lord. But, you must let go today of those things that have held you back.Begin again, and let Me, your Master Potter, take you in My hand and make you a new vessel. There are new opportunities ahead of you. I will move you by the power and might of My Holy Spirit. Behold, I come as fire upon you to bring you into the fullness of your destiny.

Beloved, I am preparing you to rise above all doubt and unbelief and to go forth as true believers in which signs and wonders will follow you. The enemy has done his best to kill your faith and cause you to be complacent. His intimidation in your circumstances has made you afraid to believe for anything beyond what your natural mind can comprehend. But, I tell you that I am loosing the gift of faith among My people that will overcome all of the work of the devil as you begin to speak My word in faith.

Watch and be amazed at the great and mighty miracles that I will do in your midst as you move ahead with faith and courage, says the Lord.

Mark 5:36b "Do not be afraid; only believe."

Well I think you get the idea......


Is there is someone/anyone who has these books-

The Grapes of Wrath- John Steinbeck

One flew Over the Cuckoo's nest- Ken Kasey

Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte

Taruffe and The Misanthrope- Moliere

BUT here is the catch we are not looking for new because
Zach will need to write in them and take notes etc. for an
Advance Placement English Lit class.

These books are the basis for his first papers next fall, the common thread is the Anti-Hero or the obsessed Loner- he will be asked to write about them and given comprehension tests on them to see how much he understood.

He will also prepare to take the Ap lit test next spring and if he passes it with a "3" or better earns college credit for it.....

So if you can help us out please contact us- we can pay for shipping we just don't want to pay full price at the bookstore to write in them- know what I mean?

thanks in advance

soccer trophies

We had another busy weekend- this time it was all about Noah and Micah

It was trophey day!
Every year- at the end of the spring season every one gets a trophy- We also enjoyed a picnic/barbecue- with BWW, hotdogs, sausages and pizza, inflatables and much more, I had to take off and go to a car wash fundraiser but the boys enjoyed themselves!

Their games this weekend were not so successful, losses all around- even Zach's team had a loss:( BUT the trophies always make up for it)

next weekend I will be in Ypsi with Aaron for his basketball tournament- summer will be officially here- and I say let the fun begin!


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