Mabey Memories

The desire of my heart is to become the person God dreams of and share those dreams with others; to unleash personal and corporate creativiy within the church, overflowing it with passion and freedom while searching for the face and character of God.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring Soccer

Every Saturday we generally can be found at
the soccer field. Today was not exception.
With Zach and Aaron on the same team this year
we only have 3 games instead of 4. Our U-14 team
won 11-2, Zach scored 6 , Aaron had 1.

While their big brothers played on the soccer
field, Noah and Micah played behind the bleachers.
their friend Matthew Torres was with them
and I was able to catch this picture.

Aaron and Zach had some great team plays today.
I think they are finally getting the hang of how to
play together. It only took about 10 years of soccer.

So good as a matter of fact they even gave each
other some slaps.....Now that is saying something!

Noah had a good game too! They won 3-2 and
Noah had 1 point! He played keeper some as well
and is really excelling in that area. You should
see him kick the ball back. What a foot!

Not to be out done by his big brothers Micah
scored 1 point today as well. His team won 2-0.
He is one of the youngest on his team, so he was
pretty pumped to score in his first game of the
spring season.

Friday, April 28, 2006

These Shoes are made for .......Running

Brand new track shoes......Sure to make you
runner faster, true to his word he cut
10 seconds off his fastest time and came in
second place, in his event.

Zach is in the 4th lane from the inside, Go Zach!

All the fans came to cheer him on.
Jason was there and Craig Davidson,
even Mr Randy Hall.

Zach and Luke Paraventi. Did they pose for
this picture on their own? Of course not!
Jason had to bribe them each with a dollar.
(But hey! They are smiling)
In the end, I think he left with out handing
over the buck, maybe he knew what he was
doing after all.
Luke was running the 2 mile, and he looked good.
Zach ran the 70, the 200 and the 800.
Malow lost the meet by 1 point.
Not bad for a first timer.

At the end of their events they gather on the
field usually for a drink and a breather until
the next event; all in all not bad for a days work.
Tommorrow we are on the soccer field

Monday, April 24, 2006

South of the Border

What is a trek up and down the East Coast
with out a stop at "South of the Border"?

We are on our final leg and are scheduled
to arrive home tomorrow in time for a few
of the boys to go to soccer practice and Zach
to get to track practice. What a week we have

Matt is scheduled to preach at "New Life"
the church in La Plata, Maryland for their
weekend services this coming weekend.
One service Saturday night and three on Sunday.....
we will be leaving again on Friday; this time flying
out when the boys leave for school and returning
on Sunday evening sometime. We will try to post pictures
of the church and the area while we are away, we will be
meeting with a realtor Saturday morning to get an idea
of housing. It seems to be a rather expensive area
so we need to see if we can afford to live there. Having
never owned our own home this a new venture for us.

Well the younger boys are swimming at the hotel pool while
Zach and I watch "24" then we will call it a night.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Magic Kingdom

Matt and Joelle

The Galows for Aaron and Noah
It was raining but it did not stop the fun......

Micah's 1st roller coaster was Space Mountian!
He did great! After that we could not hold him

Chip and Dale, who is who? Look closely,
their eyes and teeth are different.......

main street at night, with Walt and Mickey.

Think about it,
It all started with a mouse!

Minnie (yes, I made them get this one taken!)

Gepetto and Pinnochio

The mice from Cinderella?
Do they have names?

Animal Kingdom



In front of the Tree of Life


Joelle builds her own Mrs. Potatoe Head
yes! that is a camera in her hand.................


We all rode Expediton Everest!
The tallest coaster in the Kingdom!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Horizons Harbour

Our Marriott vacation club villa poolside

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

Matt's sister Ruth and her husband John OR
to the boys Uncle John and Aunt Ruthie live in
Jacksonville,Florida. On our way we stopped
and met them for lunch at a Mexican restaurant
that served authentic Mexican food! Good choice.
Once our bellies were fool and we had a nice
(but all to short) visit we were back on the road,
we still had another two hours to go to Orlando.

City walk between Universal and Islands
of Adventure had the NBA store and restaurant.
It also had this big guy in front of it so mom
HAD to take a picture

Some one ate his spinach.......

Monday, April 17, 2006

Washington, D.C.

Zach sitting in front of the Potomac river.

A view of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

The Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom.

Since we have lived in Michigan there are 2 new
memorials. This one is the WWII memorial.

It is absolutely astounding.

The boys in front of the white House.
The President was home today.
(notice the flag on the top of the house is at full mast)
When the flag is up the president is home,
when it is down he is away from home.

Micahs first visit to the Vietnam Memorial.
After being told what this memorial was for
he responded y saying,
"they must have been pretty special."

Made me teary eyed........

after climbing the stairs and fighting
the crowds we made it to the Lincoln Memorial.


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