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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring Soccer

Every Saturday we generally can be found at
the soccer field. Today was not exception.
With Zach and Aaron on the same team this year
we only have 3 games instead of 4. Our U-14 team
won 11-2, Zach scored 6 , Aaron had 1.

While their big brothers played on the soccer
field, Noah and Micah played behind the bleachers.
their friend Matthew Torres was with them
and I was able to catch this picture.

Aaron and Zach had some great team plays today.
I think they are finally getting the hang of how to
play together. It only took about 10 years of soccer.

So good as a matter of fact they even gave each
other some slaps.....Now that is saying something!

Noah had a good game too! They won 3-2 and
Noah had 1 point! He played keeper some as well
and is really excelling in that area. You should
see him kick the ball back. What a foot!

Not to be out done by his big brothers Micah
scored 1 point today as well. His team won 2-0.
He is one of the youngest on his team, so he was
pretty pumped to score in his first game of the
spring season.

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