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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Caribou Anyone?

Caribou on 26 mile road remains to be the Favorite coffee spot for the locals.
Since returning from Louisiana my personal favorite is the Coffee with Chicory from "The Cafe Du Monde"; However since I have gone through the can I brought home with me and I have not ordered anymore, Caribou is the place for good coffee in the neighborhood.
My preference is a Light White Berry with Rasberry as my berry. Mmm Mmm good. Nothing better than a good cup of coffee especially when you can share it with friends. (except maybe chocolate covered strawberries:))

Lately Matt can be found at Caribou on Saturday mornings. He has kind of made it an office away from home. Having him home has been nice but occasionally.......(well that is another post). If you want to see him just show up at Caribou on Saturday mornings; he usually can be found with a book, newspaper or journal. He will meet you there other days as well,but you can count on him to be there Saturdays. However tonight was my night.

Thanks for the invite ladies, it was fun. Let's do it again soon.

By the way is any one else surprised Mandisa got voted off American Idol last night?
Personally I loved her version of Shackels last week, it was almost as good as Adrienne Bindig Hayes. Love you Adrienne:)

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