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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt

Brrrrrr......... It was a cold and windy day!
The weather man said it was suppose to be
a balmy 48 degrees today! As of right now it
is only 35!

We had our egg hunt at Orchard Ridge Church
of the Nazarene today. (This is the church that
meets in the younger boys school)
There was lots to do; from this Army truck ride
around the parking lot, face painting balloon animals
to cotton candy, hot dogs chips, soda and lots of
Caribou Coffee for the grown ups.
(Yes! Matt was there this morning but he did not bring
me any home because he ran into Pastor Steve
picking his up for the hunt and came home and told
me they would have some there.)

At a certain time the siren sounded and the children
to their prospective zones where there were 1500
eggs ready and waiting to be scooped up by the masses
of kids participating in this Orchard Ridge 3 annual Easter Egg Hunt.

After finding all you eggs you had to empty
so daddy helped the boys while mommy was
busy taking pictures. If you found the special
eggs of which there were 16 in all you got to take it
to the prize table to redeem your prize. Micah
was fortunate and won a medium size prize which
made him the proud owner of a new SLINKY!
Upon returning home he promptly tried it out on the
bedroom steps to the foyer. I had forgotten how
much fun those things could be to a 7 year old.

A cold yet rewarding day was had by all.


Joseph said...

How could you get so close to that freaky looking rabbit?

Love you guys!

matt and joelle said...

You gotta do, what you gotta do.....


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