Mabey Memories

The desire of my heart is to become the person God dreams of and share those dreams with others; to unleash personal and corporate creativiy within the church, overflowing it with passion and freedom while searching for the face and character of God.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

its been a long time since Aaron was in 8th grade on the road to Pinckney......and today he is on the road to Grand Valley.......his high school years are almost gone (its only like 6 weeks till the end of the school year) basketball season has come to and end after and exciting season, highs and lows, realizing they were not going to be macomb county champs but ending the year as District Champions and finding himself on the list for the All County team.......there were many questions mostly ending with whats next?  Today Aaron is on his way to Grand valley University vying for a spot on the basketball team.  over the last few weeks we have had many college road trips including Houghton College, Indiana Wesleyan, Spring Arbor and Taylor University,  but today, at GV there will also be representatives from other NCAA div 2 and 3 schools, NAIA and  jr colleges so its  a pretty big day..  When he was at Spring Arbor his dad went with him and said he had never seen Aaron play so well, that he actually had the best run of his life......well today I am praying he has a good a day maybe even better......

ever since he was a little boy before a game or a big event we always dropped him off and said "Do your best" he would end the sentence by saying "And let God do the rest"   today is no different!  weve been proud of his  accomplishments on and off the court and his leadership skill  are amazing yet he is still compassionate at the same time (i am proud of  how after the district game vs Stevenson he  signed a little boys autograph~ we still dont know who he was)~.....he would be an assest to any team who takes him......and we are keeping in mind God has a plan! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This month we had another food distribution here in Romeo, and the girld scouts came to volunteer.....too cute, let me just say!  not being a mom of girls somethings i just dont get, but they were cute,so expressive and boy could they talk:)

we only serviced about 225 families, it was just 2 days after spring break and I was worried that the paper work was getting lost in the shuffle jsut getting back to school many families, would have forgotten or had trouble finding rides to the distribution site at the last minute, anyway i anticiapted this and put my number in at 250 instead of our usual 300 families.  Next month I am sure we will be bakc up to 300.

Bonus is I found out we got funding for the summer so we will be able to feed the families all summer long! (at leaset according to Gleaners, now i need to get approval from Romeo schools, secure a location, get volunteers, and let the community know.......not a problem hehe:)

they may be holy but they are my favorite and today was a grey day, for sure called for comfy clothes......

Friday, April 13, 2012

Missing you Cooper

                                         your grandpa Eric found these great balloons we set off
                                          for yours and Aarons birthday........

                                            once we actaully got them lit and flying it was beautiful
                                              to see......

a few minutes later we heard sirens...... i truly hope it
wasnt us when one of our balloons fell that started a fire

Aarons turned 18 and we will always celebrate
birthdays with you too

on this day, today, and all days we miss you and love you tons Cooper
Like Jonah who kept missing out on God's heart and plan because of his own stubbornness and bitterness, it could be that there are unresolved issues in your life that God is trying to draw your attention to.

 Perhaps you've convinced yourself that God meant to say "Tarshish" when He clearly said "Ninevah."

Maybe you've fantasized a future based on something God spoke and now you're disappointed. It's not that God's promise was invalid, it's just that what you thought you heard  wasnt actually very  accurate.

 If this is where you're at, God doesn't condemn you for the heartbreak you're experiencing. He wants to meet you there, heal your broken heart, and get you back on track with Him
(Prov. 13:12, Isaiah 42:3, Hosea 2:15, Jonah 2).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Romeo Varsity LAX vs Stephenson

lACROSSE IS SUPPOSE TO BE A SPRING SPORT, BUT this was only the second game I even had my camera out .....EVERY Other game my fingers were to cold to take pictures.....i got a few good shots today......and Romeo won, 13- 2.
which one of my boys does this belong to?

Catching up with the Mabeys again....

our field trip to Greenfield Village was fun for all of us....with plenty of opportunity for pictures!

all Micah's hard work paid off when he won a BlUE RIBBON!

Micahs last field day in elementary school.....we thought it was gonna be rained out but just a little cloudy in the morning with a slight drizzle, then the sun came out for the was a good thing cause later it was prom time for Zach....

The dryer died back in May and we did not have the extra money to get a new one or get it fixed right away so Matt strung a line under the deck for me to hang the was great for a few days except for the towels, I dont like scratch towels.....if it had been hung somewhere in the yard i might have kept it up cause i love the smell of clothes hung out side, good thing for us, Matt was able to take the dryer apart and fix the belt,,, yes you heard me correctly, Matt fixed it!


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