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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dinner and a Movie

A few days ago Zach got a phone call from
the youth Pastor at Orchard Ridge of the Nazarene.
He had an extra ticket for Battle Cry, the former
Aquire the Fire. We did not think he would want
to go using the excuse he does not know any one.

Well he surprised us and wanted to, so last evening
I dropped him off at Duncan and he boarded the
bus with 50 other teens for Ford Field and the
weekend. I will let you know how it goes.

In the meant time I subbed at Duncan for a lunch
yesterday and Aaron bombarded me wanting to go
home with Ben and spend the night.
After confirming with Matt we agreed.

When we realized we only had Noah and Micah for the evening
we decided to do dinner and a movie. We chose Uno, Chicago Grill
right down by the theater. They have a special spend a
certain amount of money on your entrees and get discounted
movie tickets good any day anytime.

The movie was "Ie Age- The Melt Down"
It was a cute family movie, with the message
being family matters. Each one of us makes our family
complete and makes it unique. Each one of us has something
different to give and we are all important. Kind of
like the Body. We need each part to function the way
God intended us to function.
Where would we be with out each other?
While the movie obviously doesn't spell it out,
there are profound spiritual lessons wrapped in Ellie's
coming to grips with who she really is and the innate strength she holds.
Likewise, the film also contains several strong positive messages
beneath the surface about the importance of family,
being content with yourself, loving others unconditionally
and acting out of selflessness

For more of a review go to
and then Plugged in, the review site for FOF on movies, music videos,
books and more

Anway we thought it was a good movie.

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