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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Acts 29

We had every intention of going to Rockpointe today but we were a bit unclear as to where they are located so we opted to go to Hamtramack to check out Acts 29.

a church sponsored by the Christian missionary Alliance church

Phone #: 313/365-acts (2287)
Address: Hamtramack, MI 48212

... Ministering in the communities of Hamtramck and Detroit in Southeast Michigan.

Acts 29 is a continuing story of men and women who are taking Jesus commission seriously to spread the news of Jesus to our community and beyond.

Their mission is to develop a Christ-Centered, community-focused team of Believers who are intent on establishing a biblically-balanced ministry that addresses physical, social and spiritual needs in such a manner that a community is literally transformed for Christ.

They Assist with community critical need repairs of homes
They Network with community leaders for proactive land development
They Develop land for residential housing
Purchase land and build homes

They are a team of Christian leaders in Detroit-Hamtramck dedicated to prayerful discernment of the "felt needs" of their neighbors. They are creating opportunities for a bright and faith-filled future for all children and their families. They envision a community in which every child is safe, successful in school, and is fully prepared in body, mind, and spirit for his or her future on earth and in eternity.

They are a shining example of how the church is suppose to function today. If you want more information on Acts 29 give Matt a call he will be happy to introduce you to how you can make a difference not just abroad but 20 miles down the road.

So maybe we will check out Rockpointe another time. The next two Sundays we will be away. We have a church to check out in the Washington D.C. area as well as a church in Central Florida. Warmer weather here we come!!!!

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