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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I myself just finished reading "The Da Vinci Code" and can see why Christians would have a hard time with it BUT it is just a novel. I enjoyed it as a story. Just that a story, made up.... From the begining to the end but; decide for yourself; do not decide unless you read it, many people will make decisions based on what other people will tell them with out reading the book for themselves, this is a no-no. You can not be informed unless you do your research. I had no interest in reading this book until the movie was getting ready to be released and all the TALK began so I thought I better read for myself what all the huh-ub was about, so I did. Now it won't be on my top ten books I read this year but it was a good story, fast paced, kept me guessing......The following is more information to help you in your quest for"The Da Vinci Code"

Popular interest in recent major movies with positive spiritual themes (such as "The Passion of the Christ," "The Chronicles of Narnia," and "End of the Spear") has created opportunities that some churches are using for evangelistic discussion starters with seekers and unchurched moviegoers.

"The Da Vinci Code," a new release coming in May 2006 with a decidedly negative message challenging the divinity of Christ and the reliability of the Scriptures, doubtless will generate many spiritual questions and conversations also.

"Preparing for Da Vinci" is a free, downloadable program guide created by Wesleyan pastor and best-selling author James Garlow to equip believers with reasonable responses for their friends and acquaintances about issues raised by The Da Vinci Code. The Wesleyan Church Board of General Superintendents commends "Preparing for Da Vinci" as a practical tool that will be helpful to local church leaders who choose to confront head on the errors and the impact of this movie's false teachings.

Click here to download the free program guide. Related books by Dr. Jim Garlow: Cracking Da Vinci's Code or The Da Vinci CodeBreaker. For additional evangelism and outreach resources, go to or call Wesleyan Publishing House sales at 800-493-7539.

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