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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Party Continues

They had so much fun last year for the big "13"
Every one wanted to play again this year on "14"
Even though it was not Zachs year to have a party,
we caved for a few rounds of Paintball.

Especially since Zach got a new Spider Electra
2006 with a rocking trigger for his birthday.
See he wanted it for Christmas, we found one
on the internet, then he changed his mind and
wanted a cell hone instead, so mom had a new
Spider Electra 2006 with a Rocking trigger.......

it stayed under the bed till Thursday, so today
was the first day he actually got to play,
thanks Mel and Jen, your property was just
right.....We'll be back:)

While the big boys played paintball the younger
two found the pond with the paddle boat,
this kept them occupied for a while, they even
used the nets for turtles and fishing, it was a great day.

The woods provided just the right amount of
cover for a few rounds of capture the flag and
already had the hideouts in place for several
rounds of speedball as well. Thanks to Mr Barry
and Mrs Susanne for the water, it's a jungle in

Micah was on his own recon mission
when he took a shot to the chin,
he won't get that close again with out
a helmet:(

This years Motley Crew;
Daniel, Jacob, Aaron, Jason, Robert, Jacob,
Peter, John, Craig and Zach

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Don M. said...

The Lord put you on my heart today to pray for you, Matt, and the boys.



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