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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Zach!

The birthday boy! Before you even say it;
No! I can not believe he is 14.

We had a game today and a meet Friday, so to
fit in a celebration we hulled the grill and a table
to the soccer field and grilled hot dogs, had
watermelon for halftime snack and shared his day
with his team.

........By the way he is taller than me even
when I am standing straight up..........

Not quite as tall as his dad but close to the same
shoe size........ and to think he began this life as
an 8 lbs 7 ounce, 21 inch baby.

Zach had to provide snack for the game tonight,
well we volunteered since it was his b-day, so
cupcakes it was.

Some of his friends came to cheer him on.
The Haupts were there, Randy and Jude Hall
and Luke Paraventi.

Tonight Zach was the only one to score, we won
1-0 with 2 min. left in the game, but normally
these guys are what we call the PK Factor.
They are all on the same team, they are Pastors
Kids and do most of the scoring. You can't see it
in this photo but they even have the shirts.
"The PK Factor"

gotta love 'em!

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