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The desire of my heart is to become the person God dreams of and share those dreams with others; to unleash personal and corporate creativiy within the church, overflowing it with passion and freedom while searching for the face and character of God.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Snyders

Daniella and Joelle

Matt and Andreas making funny faces

Daniella took this pictures in her back yard,
and was amazed with the digital camera and took
many pictures after this. I am sure she is a budding
scrapbooker as well as photographer.

She took this one as well, don't let him fool you,
he would never let his mother take one where
he is looking and smiling at the same time.

The of course others wanted to get in the action
as well, take their pictures then quick let them
it. This one turned out really cute.

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