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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Micahs' surgery

Micah, mommy and daddy waiting Micahs turn
in the pre - op room. We have already met with
the anesthesiologist and Dr. Scapini, now just
waiting until 10:00 am our scheduled surgery hour.

The nurse has been in and checked his blood
pressure and temperature also looked at loose
teeth. (he has two)

dad's favorite hat almost went into surgery
but at the last minute, Micah gave it back.

Finally after a kiddie cocktail he finally
started to relax, every one was a bit tense
until that kicked in. We asked if we could
get a few to go??????:)

The surgery itself was only a few minutes long,
maybe five at the most. The hardest part was
waking up...

but when he did he had his choice, orange or
green popsicles. You can see what his choice was.


TheGaffords said...

I must have missed something. What was the surgery for? Judging by the popsicle, I'm guessing tonsils? Glad to see all went well!

matt and joelle said...

Nope, Tubes in his ears, second time around. He was losing his hearing (again) Hopefully this will be the last time, we need his ears to keep up with the growth of the rest of his body:)

TheGaffords said...

That was my second guess but I knew he had had that done already.


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