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Monday, November 19, 2007

Challenge day!

I spent a very tiring but rewarding two days at our Romeo High school!
Imagine a world where every child feels safe, loved and Celebrated!
Realize you can be the change you wish to see in the world!
Welcome to the world of challenge day!
The Challenge Day program is designed to help stop the violence and alienation that youth face every day. We don't believe that young people feel isolated due to a lack of people around them. Rather, they feel isolated because of a lack of connection with them. Our program tears down the walls of separation, creates connection and support among participants, and inspires people to live in an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect.
Challenge Day: A one-day workshop where youth, teachers, parents, administrators, counselors and members of the community experience for themselves that love and connection are indeed possible in our schools.
Through a carefully designed series of innovative games, activities, group discussions, icebreakers and trust-building exercises, participants learn how to break down the walls of separation and create new levels of respect and communication with their peers, teachers, parents and themselves.
Challenge Day believes that separation, isolation and loneliness are the root cause of a wide range of teen issues such as teasing, bullying, stereotyping, racism, violence, suicide, sexism, and the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. By promoting self-acceptance and respect for others, Challenge Day ignites participants' passions and inspires them to become positive forces in their schools and communities.
To introduce the school and larger community to the Challenge Day concepts, Be The Change School Teams begin with a series of Showcase Challenge Days. These days help to enroll support and participation in creating the school's long range plan. Additional Challenge Days or other programs, such as our Mentorship and Challenger programs, can then be integrated into that plan. Challenge Days can also be tailored for special classes, such as Leadership/Conflict Resolution Groups or the Junior class Legacy model, while Senior Challenge Days are a wonderful way for graduating seniors to gain closure on high school, and plan for what the future holds.
In some cases, where entire schools are committed to creating an environment where every child feels safe, loved and celebrated, School Teams can be coached in co-creating the entire "Be The Change School" model.
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