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Friday, May 30, 2008

Honors Night

Romeo Middle school hosted its annual Honors night last night and Aaron was in the group of
66 percent of the 8th grade who made honor roll!

Way to go Aaron!

The boys in Aaron's row were all a bit shorter than he was but you can not tell in this picture- it was quite comical - however the boy three seats over from Aaron had a lot to be proud of he was an all A honor student and got the Presidential award for honors signed by President Bush! I thought that was great- three other girls in the class had All As 3 years in a row while at the middles school- now that is saying something!

Mr Argiri- Principal and Mr Bennett- Asst. Principal and Athletic director were both present to give the students there certificates and say a few words moving them into the realm of bigger and better at the high school next year- it was a nice evening-

Aaron was being a stinker and not wanting to get his pictures taken cause he wanted to get home and see the Pistons game:) but we managed to get this out of him before we left! Thanks to his "friend Megan" really just a random Megan in the class:) We are proud of him!

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