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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aaron's Last band banquet

The end of 8th grade for Aaron
also marks the end of his band career.
At least for now- next year he wants to focus on
football and Basketball as well as adding
Spanish to his repertoire.

He has played an instrument since beginning kindergarten
on the piano- he moved to percussion's in the 5th grade
while still at Peace Lutheran- 5 years later this is the end of the road- kind of bitter sweet:(


Halls said...

When the kids decide it is time to move on it is bitter sweet but at least he is keeping active with other things that are important to him. I remember when Robert played travel soccer for 4 years and quit in 10th grade. All those years of goalie training and being a family with those families was so hard to leave for us but it wasn't his love.

Doreen said...

He has gotten so tall & handsome! Wait till Bri sees him!!!!


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