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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Upper El Field Day

It is a beautiful day here in Romeo,
Close to 90 degrees.
A perfect day for Field Day at
Amanda Moore Elementary,
the upper grades.
That means Noah's class.

Since it was 87 degrees and we were outside
the entire time, the Parent Teacher Organization
supplied the water, and it definitely was needed.

Noah seemed to put his creative skills to use
and found a new way to drink his water.

The activities varied from the morning
to the afternoon.
In the morning they did activities like,
bean bag toss, hoola hoops and jump rope contests.

The afternoon was more like a track meet,
with the 50 yard dash, 75 yard dash and
the javelin throw.

Noah came away with 2 second place ribbons
for his events and 1 third place.

Not bad for a days work!

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