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Monday, May 07, 2007

Character Counts!

Aaron has had a GREAT year! We were all a bit
apprehensive this year having to change schools, move,
make new friends......but our boys have been amazing!
Aaron started out the year playing 7th grade football.
First game of the season, he scored the first goal!
See the posts on football from September.
After football we moved onto basketball. Again he
had a fabulous season scoring the most points in the last game
of the season, he was high scorer for that game which was also the
Romeo Middle school vs Powell middle school Friendship game.
More like rival game so it was fun!
Now the important part, more than what he has done on the field or
on the court, last week he received the Character Counts award.
It somewhat speaks for itself. He had no lates, no tardies, no detentions,
no visits to the principals office, no gum chewing, or being disrespectful to
an adult in school, no pink slips, yellow slips or anything else deemed
inappropriate during the school year. Seems odd to celebrate that but apparently
the middle school those things become an issue. With over 300 students in the
7th grade at romeo middle school, over 100 hundred of them received this award
this year! Aaron was one of them! Way to go Aaron!

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