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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Consider the rainy season

I have quite the collection of hats, some of you may not know that because we are so far apart, others may not remember because truthfully I have not worn them this past year and a half or so. I also have a quite a collection of shower caps......silly goose, from the hotels we have stayed in obviously.....have you ever worn those silly things? They are far from a fashion statement!

Actually when you consider life- it makes sense to have a few shower caps.

On my most recent trip to Panama I could have used a few shower caps- it was rainy season, that means it rained a little, just about every day. On the days it did not rain and on the days it did we spend a large portion of our time on the water. Either the Caribbean sea or the Atlantic ocean. One day I was even on the Panama canal. One night while I slept or tried to sleep the storms were just pounding our little thatched roof hut and if I had opened my eyes I am sure there would have been lightening as well, so I kept my eyes close and tried to sleep, I could not. The water splashed against our little barrier around the "hotel" but since we were surround by water on all sides the winds and the rains continued to sound violent. The rain continued to come down.

Lately that is like life. I have relocated in my life approximately ten times, moving is stormy weather for me; more so since I have had my boys. The dismantling of belongings is an emotional thunderstorm. Add to dismantling belongings the process of finding new jobs, new schools, new doctors,new friends.......all thunderous situations for me. I am not sure why this is , some doctor would tell me it is childhood related, that is possible, but for whatever reason it is hard for me, and I am a slow learner( 4 years of college for a 2 year degree okay:))BUT through all of life's weather patterns, God is Good. That truth tucked up under my shower cap will help me to bear up under wrenching winds and pelting rains. As I continue to grow in Him and lean less on myself and my feelings I will eventually completely surrender to My God! When I know I can trust His redeeming hand, then even the category 5 storms don't mentally blow me away.
Oh they try, the winds blow and they howl and the rain pelts me even in the nights with my eyes closed , But I am anchored, with 3 anchors just to be sure. Life is treacherous and life is tremendous , but here is the clincher - The stabilizing truth that acts as the cohesive to hold US together is knowing that God liberates us from despair and comforts us with hope then I settle down into His goodness and hopefully into a less frayed existence and soon I will be charging through the blue waters again.


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I'm still here....vicki


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