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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Band Banquet

Tuesday night Romeo Middle school held the annual band Banquet. This fountain is outside the main entrance to Addison Oaks. Nice shot of Aaron, he looks so grown up.

Aaron decided he would rather sit with his friend than with his parents, (we went through this with Zach in the fall at his soccer banquet) BUT if you notice the table, his friends seem to be mostly girls?????? what is up with that?

His band director is Mr O'Connor, who was just a blast! They had a good time laughing over the fact that Aaron is taller than him now......he is taller than most of the okay all of the kids in the 7Th grade band as well:)

The boys have been very musical over the years.

From the time they were 4 and 5 yeas old they
played the piano. Their first teacher was Mrs Becky
Reynolds, our former pastors wife (she lived right across the parking lot from us. When she moved they began taking lessons from Mrs April Spring......Micah and Noah still take lessons from her.

The house rule has always been, if you want to play a sport you must also play and instrument. By the 5Th grade Zach had chosen the saxophone, then moved onto the bass guitar and still plays that. Aaron opted for the drums in the 5Th grade( and can still occasionally be found at the piano playing his brother recital music and if you listen carefully you may even hear him strumming away on his electric guitar in his bedroom) and last night celebrated a great year of Middle school band by having a band banquet at the Addison Oaks banquet center ..

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