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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3rd times a charm

They say the 3rd times a charm, we will have to wait and see.

Micah had tubes or I should say one tube put back in his right ear.

Some time this past summer the tube in his right ear fell out prematurely.

We waited a while to see if the fluid that was accumulating would drain on its own.

It did not! So back to the office we went and about three months after the official,

Yep, you lost a tube, he had it replaced. This time it was a breeze, no tears for mom,

an no kiddie cocktail for Micah, he walked right into his operating room and hopped on the table.

The rest is history. We now have to put up with putting the plugs in when he bathes or swims and remembering to use the headband to keep the plugs in place......poor kid, three summers in a row he has had to endure this.
Will you pray along with us that the tubes stay in for the duration ; the left ear only has about 6 months to go, the right ear???? it would be good for it to stay in at least a year, to a year an a half, and that after they do come out there will be no more recurrences of fluid in his ears and he will not begin to lose his hearing, that is usually the first sign e needs tubes, his hearing begins to go, at first I thought he was being selective but after several weeks of getting frustrated I usually come to the conclusion it is time to see the specialist. Micah also seems to have a high tolerance for pain so ear infections or ear aches are never a problem. The surgery was last week and so far so good.....
anyway we will keep you posted......

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