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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Strong in the broken places

To become strong in the broken places in our lives demands that we do two things, seeming opposites; hang in there, and let go. To somehow dig up the courage to keep going is the very courage that allows us to scoop up the broken pieces of our lives and lay them all at the feet of ONE who would do more in Us than just get us through the storm. As James Means said, he would take the fire that blackens our horizons and warm our souls with it. HE would sharpen our vision in the darkness that oppresses us. he would use the despair of standing at a grave to deepen our trust. This we cannot do our selves.

Perhaps our brokenness brings us to the end of ourselves, it is here, he indeed makes us strong in our broken places.

This is what the mole used to look like......

then I had it removed.

For you ladies that shave you will
understand, it was on a part of my leg,
front, right, just below my knee, where I shave.
So for the purpose of not nicking it
anymore and causing it to bleed,

I simply had it taken off, by my doctor
of course.

Then, my Doctor called..... the mole was indeed,
malignant for melanoma. That is all we know right now.
Tomorrow, Monday we call a cancer specialist and make an appointment and
go from there. We will definitely keep you posted, but in the mean time
WE know God is still in the miracle working business. If you could pray
with us and for us that the doctor got all the cancer the first time around
and that no further treatment would be deemed necessary, that would be our desire.

If God has other plans we will understand and graciously accept whatever comes our way,
All Gods children go through deep waters and trails by fire. There's no if- only when. But with the when comes the Who. God never allows His children to swim alone. His buddy system is sink and fire proof. More sure than the when is the who. IT is God who assures His children, " I will be with you" -when!



TheGaffords said...

Joelle, my students prayed for you this morning. We're hoping everything works out all fine, but trusting God can handle it no matter which way it goes. God bless you; we'll continue praying.

Anonymous said...

Prayers go up, blessing's come down!!! Walt and I are putting you on our prayer list and include our friends. love and many hugs, the Hills.

Russ and Karla Patterson said...


You KNOW we are praying!



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