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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Wetest Day Ever!

Three years ago we were invited by our very good friends Mark and Janise Judkins to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. We were to leave on Fathers day after church go into the park on a twilight pass and spend the entire day the next day, Monday. As we were walking into church talking about the upcoming departure another friend mentioned that they heard on Focus on the family just that morning that Father's day in cedar point was an unofficial National Gay Day, and did we really want to subject our children to what we might see? Well, needless to say after a quick discussion and some scrambling to cancel reservations for that Sunday at Breakers the area hotel on the beachfront we found "Great Wolf Lodge." We made reservations for one night. That would take care of Sunday and we would still enter the Park on Monday and spend the entire day which we did. However.... We quickly found that one day would not be enough for "Great Wolf Lodge" it is an indoor water park, with several water slides, pools and a giant bucket that when the bell rings this bucket drops 5,ooo gallons of water below with kids standing beneath it. Well, we had the opportunity to visit great wolf lodge again this past Sunday to Monday and a great time was had by all!!!!!

Did I mention the bucket drops 5,000 gallons of water?

Micah was not cooperating when I wanted to take a picture, so he got a little encouragment.

In the lobby of the hotel

Matt took this picture by himself, not bad for a novice eh?

What every teenage boy does with a wet towel when presented with the opportunity!

Aaron and mom, it only took 5 takes to get this picture.

Rock climbing is proving to be Noahs speciality.

Micah found plenty of waterfall options, and once again pronounced Great Wolf Lodge, The Wetest Day Ever!

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