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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jewelry anyone?

Doreen Torres hosted a Cookie Lee Jewelry party last night. Leave it to her to throw the biggest party on the block.
Every one was there, Cheri Wellman and her daughter Megan, Shelley, (Jason Fullums' girlfriend that we all like, J-Man, this is probably the one son!),Virginia Vought and Edith Guza and many more........

I think she probably earned herself a lot of free stuff and some half off things as well......

There was plenty of food too, that always makes for a great party!!!!

Jewelry was flowing every where and there was something for the youngest to the oldest.

I opted for a red leather chain with a silver heart locket, but tried several different options. I think I will get the earrings next time.
Way to go Dor-dor!

to find out more about cookie lee or to find a consultant in your area go to

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Pastor Matt,

I don't see you in any of those pictures. Didn't you go? What could be more fun than a jewelry party? (Maybe a tupperware party?)


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