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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Onyx

Took the boys ice skating today since daddy is still in New York. We are getting bored sitting around , well the boys have X-Box and their game boys and PSP's, fortunately the Olympics have been on this week to give me something to watch (since we do not have cable) but there is only so much of that you can take; and of course my favorite; the women's figure skating is not on till next weekend.

The weather is too cold to be outside today; a frigid 12 degrees' but the Onyx is an indoor ice arena in Rochester, about a 7 minute drive from home.

It had been about 3 years since we had been ice skating, that would have made Micah about 4 the last time he went yet today he held his own.
Noah would have been 7 Micah's age today and he did pretty well himself, he is such a petite thing he just spins around on the ice like he is not even on skates.
Aaron and Zach seemed to enjoy themselves, Zach's friend Steve McCoy and his mother Rox joined us for the fun........ even I donned a pair of skates and did not fall once, not bad for a 38 year old mother of 4!
It was a nice way to spend a few hours out of the house.
( I will post pictures later, I am having trouble downloading them right now.)
okay, all set w/ pics.....

Tonight "Back to the future" is on Television so I think we will eat pizza and cuddle in my bed. The weather man says it is "snuggle alert" tonight anyway!

Matt's dad seems to be doing okay. They are taking the tube out of his throat today, it is getting him agitated having it in there and we do not want him to get agitated and break any blood vessels, he is able to follow directions on his right side, his left remains paralyzed. We are not sure if he can see out of his left eye either. His mind seems to be okay, the family and Doctor's are asking him questions and he is able to respond by writing, although he is writing letters on top of other letters so they are not sure what he is saying. Every one seems to be encouraged by his progress but still covet your prayers.

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