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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The ENT office again

Micah is a stinker..... When he wants to hear you he usually does, but if he doesn't want to do something or be interrupted he just won't listen. Is that a 7 year old thing? Lately I thought he was just being selective about what he wants to hear:) but as the days wore on this game was getting old. He has been down this road before so after about a week of using an unusually loud voice I thought it was time to head to the doctor's office; you see he has had the sniffles during the day and a yuky sounding cough in the morning when he is waking up and at night when he is going to bed. If any of you have had kids that have had tubes in their ears you know where this heading....... Today was Micah's appointment with the ear specialist and sure enough fluid in BOTH ears. They did hearing tests and pressure tests and he failed all of them:( but enjoyed the process. He sits in a little booth and tries to hear sounds, beeps and buzzes through the headphones) The course of action this time is antibiotics for ten days and a follow up visit in 3 weeks. In three weeks if the fluid has drained - great life goes on as if nothing is wrong; however if the fluid is still there when we go back then we do the whole tubes in ear process all over again. Believe me he does not enjoy having to wear ear plugs at bath time and swimming in the summer. Please join us in prayer that the fluid drains before the next visit.
Enjoy the photos of his visit to the doctors office.

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