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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

I always told the boys "When the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Super Bowl we will have a party"

tonight was our night .........

Aaron had his terrible towel going strong,
I did get to use it a few times.
We were decked out in black and yellow (gold).
The boys had their megaphones,

I had on my Steelers beenie, thanks to Robert Hall.

Micah was practicing his end zone dance for when he is in ths Super bowl?????? year 2020????

The Big game being played in "our" town, and "our" team (because once you are a Steelers fan, you are always a Steelers fan) won! Does it get any better than that?
now if I could just get one of those Steelers jerseys ............

Zach is still in Mexico, he did get to watch the game (and I believe the outpost has a giant screen TV), he just did not get to watch it with us. I did call him however to see whom he thought would be MVP. He thought Jerome Bettis, our home town hero; after 13 years the Bus stopped here(Pittsburgh fans will miss him) Matt and I thought Ben Rothlesberger,quarterbacks almost always win the mvp; but Aaron was the only one right, and Hines Ward walked away with the trophy. Maybe it should have been Coach Bill Cowher, tonight he was the best of the best!

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