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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Aaron and Mom
Noah and Dad (when a school activity is on an Tuesday, dad's day off, he gets to party too!!)

I remember celebrating Valentine's Day as a kid. Even as an pre-teen. Picking out the perfect card for your family and friends. Sitting at the kitchen table writing out your cards for your classmates; to: so and so, from: Joelle, the little ones for the class the bigger ones for your teachers, I do not however remember having a Valentine Party at school!
Duncan does parties, and they do them big.

Check out the pictures and see what I mean.

6th grade, Aaron's class had breakfast made by their teacher. Ms Pryz. Made bacon and eggs, sausage and pancakes, with apple juice, orange juice and fruit. Nice way to begin the day.

Not to be undone, Noah's class with Mrs Janceski had all sorts of cupcakes and candy with homemade cookies that the class got to decorate and eat while they played BINGO and received MORE candy after they filled the appropriate spots on their cards. The big hit of the day was with Micah's class,

Aaron with his sidekicks Ben and Derrick

Yes! That is a chocolate fountain, it was complete with all the fixings, oreos, marshmallow, cherries, strawberries and my favorite pretzels, and of course everything could be dipped in sprinkles to top it off

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