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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Return of the King??????

Sometime Sunday afternoon the 12th, the group departs Tol in Fabens, Texas to get to the airport. Flight #1526 departs El Paso, Texas at 5:22 and arrives in Ft. Worth at8:03. They depart Dallas/ Ft Worth at 8:47 pm on flight #0474 and arrive in Detroit Monday at 12:16 am.
They then arrive back to CWC at 2:00 am.

Zachary proceeds to get his belongings say some short goodbyes and take the long, cold walk home. (avg. temp in Mexico this time of year between 50-70). I believe his head hit the pillow by 2:11am. He did not wake up until now. 5:21pm. I promised him Taco Bell, so we are off.(after he showers and does something with that hair) He will most likely be back in bed within a few hours. Tomorrow it is back to school. oh, by the way from an earlier post, he did not do so well in the picture taking department, but our friend Donna Hall said she would make me a disk of what she was able to take with her camera....

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heyjude said...

Mabey Family....I have lots of pictures from the trip and some good ones of Zach. I'll be sure to get some to you. Jude


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