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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

There is always some one worse off than you....

Cancer no matter where or when is always a big deal and a bit scary,(we have lost a lot of friends to this disease and many friends are still around to talk me through the tough days) but at the moment my cancer scare does not seem so bad ( we have not received the pathology report back yet) but in the mean time would you pray for my friends....

Jim Garlow is the Senior pastor at Skyline church in San Diego
He and his wife(Carol) and Matt and I got to know each other when we Pastored the Washington Community Wesleyan church and would attend Wesleyan Round table conferences

June 25, 2007, Monday, 11:30 pm

A Message From Pastor Jim Garlow

Greetings Church Family,

Many of you are aware that much has changed last Wednesday morning at 7:09 am. Briefly stated, Carol has just been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. As many of you who have gone through this know, our world has been turned upside down. Nothing is the same.
Barring a miracle (for which we are still praying), the five-hour surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am Tuesday, June 26, followed by a projected eight months of chemotherapy.
We will sincerely appreciate (and really need!) your prayers for Carol.
Also pray for Josie (15), Jake (16), and our two married children—Janie (husband Jeremy) & Joshua (wife Lacy). (We praise God that Janie & Jeremy moved from Victorville, CA back to San Diego the day before we got this devastating news!)
We are all making the needed adjustments, including canceling many things over the next year. Carol has served me graciously for 37 years. My next year will be focused on all the ways I can serve her. It is an honor to do that.
I am so thankful both that Carol has an exceptionally strong faith—and for a loving family. And I am so very grateful for such a loving church family and friend network. We have never needed people like we do now. I am so very thankful for you!
Over the years, I have ministered to hundreds with cancer. Yet, it is an extra jolt when it is one’s own spouse, when it is one’s own family. We are not in denial, but there is still an element of shock each time I explain Carol’s condition.
We have cried much—in fact, lots—sometimes just hugging—without words. Some nights (after I leave her at the hospital) seem very long.
We have been faith-filled at times—sensing God’s close presence. We have prayed confident prayers of healing many times. Yet in the full range of the emotional realities of life, there are other moments we have battled fear—fear of the unknown.
We have laughed some. But we have hugged much. We have become a bit "clingy." Carol and I have had the greatest talks. We have valued every moment alone.
In fact, it is 11:30 pm Monday night as I am writing this. I am tired—because Carol has been in the hospital for eight days now. (She had minor surgery on Monday, June 18.) I was with her at the hospital today—but am going back to the hospital for the night, to be with her before she is taken from the room at 6:30 am. What a privilege that is for me. As many of you know, the word “cancer” has a way of causing one to view life in a very different way—very quickly. Many of you have fought this battle. You know exactly what I am speaking of.
As you recall, Carol and I co-authored a booked titled God Still Heals . In the back are the Scripture-based prayers that Carol wrote. I prayed those prayers in the back of the book over Carol—the very prayers she wrote for others! Who could have known that we would be using her own writing—for her?
This website will keep you updated ( If you need more specific communication, my wonderful administrative assistant is Tracy Burger, (619) 550-6000.
Carol and I love you all—so very much. Thank you for loving us.

Two final thoughts: God is good. Jesus is Lord.

Your pastor—but more importantly, your brother,

Jim Garlow

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