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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Not the best picture but this is sort of what they look like now! this is my leg (obviously:)) I have another spot that looks like this on my back. I thought it only fair to show you my ouchie when back in November I shared Matt's stitches with you:)

anyway, yesterday we called to schedule the appointment to get the stitches out, and it was scheduled for this Friday the 13 at 11 am.

Unfortunately this morning my nurse called back and I guess Friday was a bit to early....... they did say 3 weeks, (what is 4 days is kinda what I was thinking), but now they are coming out on Monday at 11 am. I have waited this long - a few more days will not matter, but I was getting excited.

I had been invited to go scrapping on Friday, and anyone who knows me knows I can not scrap sitting down, never have, not sure if I ever will, so with my stitches that was a no go, but when they were coming out I started thinking I could do it. Now it will have to be next Friday, after more than a month I guess I can wait one more week!

Come next Monday however, you better watch out, I will probably be in Super woman mode. I have been laying low for so long, I know I have a bunch of pent up energy!

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Laurel & Mike said...

Yikes! That looks like a pirate wound. (Not that I've seen any pirate wounds lately, but I imagine that's what one would look like.)


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