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Monday, July 09, 2007

CJ Barrymore's

Finally, I was able to get out of the house.
I had been feeling pretty bad for the boys due to the factthat prior
to my surgery I was so wrapped up in hospital visits and the "what if's"
that there was not a whole lot of time for the boys.

After the surgery it was recovering from the pain, the stitches and
the emotional stress so again not a whole lot of time for kid stuff.

After ten days of being cooped up, Friday, we finally ventured out.
CJ Barrymore's is a family fun zone, and we were in need of some family fun!

For a few dollars (we found some great coupons on line) the boys were able to get in
some go-karting, some bumper boats, and a
good game of min- golf.
Not momma of course ( I would find a good
spot to sit and put my leg up, then be ,
like always- the picture person....... the next time we wil try the batting cages, the driving range and lazer tag......

look closely to see who got the wettest on
the bumper boats.

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