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Monday, July 16, 2007

Done with U of M !

I had my stitches out today! hooray! I am officially a cancer weird is that?

Anyway, we traveled to Ann Arbor today, saw a doctor for the last time and had my stitches removed. In 5 months I need a follow up appointment with the dermatologist and that's that!
Relief is overflowing and my body just needs time to recover but it is on the mend. A few more visits to the chiropractor a bit of cocoa butter on the scars (they still have steri strips where the stitches were and they will stay on till they come off themselves, anywhere from a week to 6 weeks, but who is counting - after everything else.....) and I should be almost as good as new, just more wiser and little older. In a few more weeks I hope to have caught up on the weight and the sleep I have lost but other than that God has been Good once a again

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Melissa said...

Yeahhhh!!!! What a relief to have all of that behind you!


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