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Monday, February 19, 2007

Whilwind weekend.....

It began Friday afternoon as we headed South, no not to Florida,
just Detroit. Cobo Hall to be exact for a wonderful night with
Travis Cotrell, the Worship leader for Beth Moore, Beth herself, the
Living Proof Live! and 71 hundred other women! It was one of my favorites when it come to
a weekend away with just the girls. In this case it was my "Tasphilas"
Jude Hall. We had a nice time together and learned a lot about
each other and what it means to be and have a "Tasphilas"

Then Saturday after driving home, taking Jude back up the road just a few miles to her home, and back to my house , I did a quick change to head south again, this time just to 22 mile road for the wedding of Ricky Clark and Amy Puzio. They got married at the Macomb Christian church in Shelby township. It was a simple yet elegant wedding.

The ceremony was at 4:00 in the afternoon but the reception was not to begin until half past six in the evening. We did not want to drive home and then go all the way back down to 17 1/2 mile road so we headed to one of our favorite hang out spots. Caribou for a little coffee, well not one to turn down a child, there was a brownie troop selling girl scout cookies. Now we had 6 boxes at home already mind you, but we did by another box of samoas because, well....just try looking in that little girls face and say no.

Then we were off to the reception. It was held at Pena's of Sterling and once again was very elegant. There was a great dinner served and a fabulous Cherry jubilee for dessert. We saw many friends including Jason and Shawna Rogers with their 7 month old Ethan, Jason and Shawna were in our Youth group at Community when we were arrived on the scene in 1994

This is Ricky and Matt, they had always been good friends even after Matt moved on to other roles in the church, Ricky and his brother Dale as well as Allen( the little brother) maintained a fun friendship. Dale got married about 2 years and now Ricky is married, kind of makes one feel good to see the kids all grown up and making good choices in their spouses. We know there parents did a great job, but know also that we must have done something right

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