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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Fridge

The fridge that was in the house when we moved in was nice.
It was white and a top mount freezer, about a 25 cubic inch, in size.
What we were not expecting was that 6 months into it that fridge would
say good night and not wake up in the morning. That is exactly
what happened. Thus began a three to four week process of
waiting for the tech to come tell us it was broken, finding a new one,
waiting on the home owners insurance and accumulating enough
money to purchase that new one etc.. etc... This is what we found.
A side by side Frigidaire the same 25 cubic inch. (I think?) Nice eh?

Anyway, about the same time the fridge arrived, oh but first
you need to know it was colder here in Romeo this year than it has
been in the last 12 years of our lives in Michigan, cold enough
that although we did not have a refrigerator we kept things in the
garage and at times it was colder than the fridge.....the milk would
occassionally have ice in it :) now back to the.... about the same time the
refrigerator arrived Micah scored a 100% on his spelling test!
The perfect place to display it??????........ you guessed it, The Fridge!

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Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Congrats to Micah!!! And isn't it fun to get a new frig!


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