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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Aaron is really sick.

Apparently somewhere within the last 11 days he went from having a little cough that did not sound so good but was not keeping him down, (he still had a basketball clinic sponsored by the high school on Saturdays from noon -3pm) to a full blown case of pneumonia.

He went to school for a week with what seemed like just an annoying cough.

Well here is where the worlds worst mother award goes to me......I finally took him to the doctors office yesterday after keeping him home from school for only the 2nd time this year, the doctor listened to him for about 1 minute and said lets gt some x-rays. Sure enough the x-rays came back his lungs where full.

So; much to Aaron's dismay he got a shot in the butt!

If you could have seen his face, we laughed for 20 minutes while waiting in the emergency room to make sure he was not going to have a reaction. The whole nurses station was laughing with us. He did not have a reaction an we went home directly after that.

Today Aaron is still on the sofa, still coughing and looking pitiful. If you feel like sending him a card to cheer him up please do so. He is so bored but really does not feel like doing anything. You can call him on his cell too.

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