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Friday, February 16, 2007

February 15

School was cancelled on Valentines' day! Now wouldn't that make a great
newspaper heading! It really was. Too much snow!
I know, I know, we live in Michigan, school should not be cancelled!
Well, it was. Last week we closed for too cold..... go figure.
We have been off three times this year, when to Zach's dismay
the last three years we were not off at all. He used to get so upset because
Romeo schools would be off when Utica (last years school district) was not.
Well this year we are Romeo schools. If we are not careful however,
we will be going to school till the end of June at this rate.
It is only mid February and already we have had 3 snow days.......

Anyway, back to the story, because school was closed on Valentines day,
the boys had their parties on the 15th. Here are pictures of the fun!

Micah and his 2nd grade classmates enjoyed a
pizza party and great chocolate covered strawberries.
They were the hit of the school. I had several. Probably
more than I should have and even shared them with some
moms in the 5th grade. We played a few games and went home happy and full.

Noah's class really celebrated. This being their last year in
elementary school they really want to do it up right.
No time for parties in the middle school, I guess? But that's a different blog:)

They went to the gym for their game time and did things like sing like Elvis at the top of your lungs( do they even know who Elvis is? )
and fly around the room like a cupid saying I love my teacher:)
They enjoyed a smorgasbord of treats with their Ice cream sundaes
and open their valentine cards. Oh to be in love and in 5th grade again........

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