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Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

What is a person to do on the first
Real snow fall/ schools out just happens
to be on Valentine's day?

Why go sledding of course,
so we packed up our van, got the
neighbor boys(how many kids can you fit in a town and country mini van? )
don't try to count you can't see them all..... and headed to
non- other than Stoney Creek.

Now there is a hill closer mind you,
right at the Community Center, but
no one up north:) right here in our
little neighborhood as been sledding at
Stoney Creek, so since it is by far our favorite
hill that is where we went!
A great way to spend a snow day!

To top off the day, my wonderful, thoughtful husband
had a hot date planned. This was a treat. Due to our
new circumstances we have not been able to do that in
a long while. No pictures however, I guess we were to
busy enjoying our time together. Just trust me. It was a nice

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Vicki said...

You and Matt are my heros!! I love you and know that God joined you together. Vicki


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