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Thursday, February 01, 2007

End of Season

The last game of the 7th grade basketball team
against Powell middle school was a huge success
for Romeo. The 8th grade Bulldogs won 4?- 2?.
Aaron scored 12! It was a great game, the best
Aaron had played all season. He was also the
high scorer not just for the game but highs score
in any game all season. He was on FIRE. He had
several assists, allot of rebounds and all around
great game. He picked the best time to be HOT,
because the varsity coach was at this game and met
with the team after to introduce them to the varsity
players and invite them to a 3 on 3 tournament as well
as encourage them in their BBall playing and invite them
to continue to play in the 8th grade and high school level.
Who knows Aaron has been heard to say Maybe he
likes basketball better than football, but after the end
of football season he had been heard saying " I don't' want
football to end". So who knows, we will just have to
follow this young mans sports career.

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