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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kenner, Louisiana

Day 1

Got my tool belt and work boots and we are
ready to roll. This is in the parking lot of the church.

The Wesleyan church here in Kenner is only about
20 people right now. Many people fled during the
hurricane/ flood and have not returned.
The church as truly discovered it's sensed of community.
It turned bathroom stalls into showers and classrooms
into bedrooms and houses teams every week to come and
help the people of New Orleans. This week there were 35 of us
from around the east michigan district.

Using the chain saw..... There is a first time for everything....
The tree sat under water so long it is dead.

getting that darn tree down...... okay so it was a big tree....

removing the tree...... piece by piece. I am not sure
Aaron has ever worked so hard.

loading water for tomorrows compassion day..
We will take a huge trailer and flat bed, loaded with supplies
and drive through neigborhoods were people are begining to return
and give away free food, water, clothing, cleaning supplies, work boots
work gloves, anything we could get our hands on. If a home owner has
returned thier resourses are still limited. In many areas there is still no
electricity. There is still no running water. All the homes we will work on
have no toilets, we got used to using stinky over flowing porta potties:)
either that or you did not go at all and we worked long days.

sanding the roof of a homeowner...Andrea Babin is the coordinator
of this project with World Hope.

She was a memeber of the Wesleyan church
in Kenner. When the disaster broke, she had
a secular job in New Orleans. World Hope asked
if she would over see this project.

The thing is she lost everything too.
Yet she has given of her time, her resourses
her family, (she is married wih two children) and is
helping others AND her home is not finished yet.
Her family is living in another city with another family.
She is far enough along in the process she has a trailer and they have drywall, wich means they can soon get inspected
and begin getting appliances and soon they can come home.

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