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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Day 2

Lots of people lost amny things, even children were not spared
here we found a childs bible story book, it was inbedded in the ground, turned
to the story of Joseph.

Piles of Debris are every where. 6 months later they
are not much farther along then they were in September.
It will be years before New Orleans will be back.
Some areas they are not even sure they will rebuild.

In the lower 9th ward a group of mostly young adults
and older teens have moved in to abandond areas
and created help, they are giving hope to a neighborhood
with out much hope. They have created the "common ground
disater relief" they will give away hot meals and clothing as they recieve it.
One day a week they have a lawyer come in who offers free advice. Etc....
It is help but also a hindrance, they are not representing Christ, mostly the are
democrats who do not support the president and often stir up hatred for the
governement, but they want to help the people. There is no place for them to stay in the 9th ward due to the power not being restored so they live in tents in this parking lot creating more people who need seems like a cycle......

This is tent city, it is a city park, a premier park in New Orleans
actually but it has been taken over by migrant workers and people
coming looking for work from all over the world. We met poeple from Brazil
and tanzania while we were there, all looking for the American dream.
If they are fortunate to find a job they are off to a good start, you can hold a Stop sign
for $25.25 and hour. But they have no place to live so they came to this park
pitched a tent and well.... not quite like home, but they built a bath room and accross the street they can take a shower where another man is charging them $5.00 a shower. (everybody has got to make a living somehow) however at the end of the month the city is making them all have a certian kind of tent or they have to leave, (this tent is going to cost them $200.00 so many of them will have to find someplace else to

This is a view from the bridge that crosses the
Mississippi river where the levy broke, as you can see
it did not leave behind much. The area was completley
under water. They are still finding bodies even this week.

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