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Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 3

before a homeowner can come back to their house
it has to be GUTTED. That means, every thing has
to come out. When I say every thing, I mean every

The appliances the tubs, the toilets,
Many houses well most houses, sat under water
for a month. Some more some less. This house was a month.

We gutted three houses in four days, all the way down
to the two by fours. It will be like starting over for the home
owners. Every house was the same, some might not lose
their ceilings but most will. The mold was awful.

Before you could even go in a house you need to face up.
You had all kids of precautions to not get ill. You wore
full face masks with filters so you could breathe.
The stench was something else. I would be happy to never
smell that scent again.

the tree we had to cut out, it was torn down
in the flood. Because trees too were under water
for weeks on end, every thing is rotted.
Truly it is like starting a neighborhood from
scratch. I had not thought of that prior to this trip.
Some home owners had beautiful yards, but not any
more, trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers all had to be
dug up.

The drywall had to come out in this house, barrels
and barrels full.

This house was a grandmother and 6 grand
children, that is a lot of bunkbeds, all had to go.

tearing down the walls

the master bedroom after the flood , when the water
rushed in it moved things from room to room, and
in some cases from house to road. things just floated where
ever the water took them.

the team at the end of the day, we gutted this house
in one day.
Of course after the water went down,
there was not much left of it.


Don M. said...

Hey Joelle, what are you guys doing. Tell us more with your pics!

matt and joelle said...

I am to tired at the end of the day, I will try to do better but can not promise. Maybe I can catch you up later.


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