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Friday, June 22, 2007


What I thought was going to be a quick in and out thing turned out to be all day.
We got there early by about 20 minuets, the staff had said 15 so it was not to bad
but when we arrived and I checked in they were already behind and it was only 10 Am.
However; there were a ton of things to do so it seems being early they just had me doing stuff before my appointment rather than after....things like I had to do go have blood drawn,
it was on a different floor, then I had to go to physical therapy to learn how to use crutches(again on a different floor and in the main hospital not in the cancer center)
......this started me thinking, why crutches???? As the day progressed there was talk of skin grafting, where they will take skin from my right hip to "patch" the area where they will be
taking the most skin off my cancer area, in case they can not get enough skin pulled back together to stitch my leg....(this was the first time they mentioned this) we will not know if I need a skin graph until they get in there and do the surgery, I guess my legs are too thin and not enough give in the skin to pull it closed after they remove bad skin and when I went to therapy it is because I will not be able to walk on it for a good week and half if it requires just stitches but longer if they have to graph it(if they graph it I will also be in a spint......:( then finally I met with the doctors to do history and physical,(they also went over what to drink and eat and not to eat before surgery, things taht promote bleeding to avoid between now and surgery day etc..... except for my elevated blood pressure????? I am pretty healthy so they liked that, that was about the only good part of the visit:). After a 4 hour stay in the hospital we were finally free to leave. The next appointment is Tuesday at 10 am. That is surgery day.....Thanks in advance for your prayers, it will be an adjustment for every one for a couple of weeks. As usual we will keep you posted.

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