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Monday, June 11, 2007

Last Friday

Friday was the last day of school, if you can call it that.... the older boys had exams.......BUT the younger kids had parties. Micah's birthday is in August and he never gets to celebrate it with his classmates. This year, I was a room mom so for the end of the year party we decided to celebrate summer birthdays. We had a great ice cream cake as well as pizza and all the trimmings, then we headed outside for a water balloon toss and fight, I am not sure who got the wettest, I do know it was not me!

The 5th grade had a kickball game against the teachers, it was a hot/ half day, the teachers won BUT if you ask a 5th grader the teachers cheated! Now I was there and if you ask me it was a fun/ fair game, very exciting.
They ended the game and had there last recess EVER, next year they are 6th graders and in Romeo, 6th grade is in the middle school, no recess they made the most of the last one in elementary school!

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