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Monday, June 18, 2007


Icthus 2007

Providing students with the life changing experiences of truth through life changing encounters with Jesus Christ

The history of Icthus Ministries, Inc. must begin with the very origin of the name. Early Christians used the fish as the symbol to identify themselves as Christians. the word Icthus actually means fish in the Greek. During the persecution of the early Church this symbol was among those used by Christians as a means of identification and to designate a place of Christan gathering.

Noah played a rousing game of Bigger and better, where you start with something small and trade up for something bigger or better, he scored the whole festival grounds and ended up with this.

At last count there were approximately 18,000 teens, young adults and families at this festival... 30 of them were with us.......
Bands that played and this is not inclusive but close.....
This Beautiful Republic
Family force 5
Jars of Clay
David Crowder
Third day
Day of fire
Alabaster box
Chris Tomlin
Relient K
Toby Mac

Noah worshipping Jesus through song......
Micah in the tent he and Noah shared

Hanging out at the campsite.....

the boys listening to a concert......

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