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Friday, June 22, 2007

after the hospital

After the hospital we went downtown in Ann Arbor, see post from the beginning of June on our first visit, we had taken the boys with us yesterday and thought we could see some sites, however since it took so long in the hospital it was already afternoon by the time we left, we opted for lunch and found a Mongolian barbecue. We had not been to one of those even tho there is one right on hall road just 10 miles south of us, we had a great lunch and an even better dessert.... of course between the 6 of us we only got two and then shared but as you can see by the size of the sundae, sharing was no problem.

Then we headed to a local park that was really pretty close to the hospital and on future visits we may go paddle boating or canoeing, I was just to tired after the doctor appointments and truthfully we did not have any money to rent the boats but we will plan for it next time.

We did find some time for a quick photo shoot and a game of Pooh sticks off the bridge, and if you do not know what Pooh sticks is you need to go rent the original Winnie the Pooh Movie.........this was the best part of my day even if we did not spend much time here, as it was we headed into Ann Arbor at 8 am yesterday and did not get home until 7 pm.....that is a long day.

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