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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A day at Duncan

Okay, so I am a lunch mom at the the younger boys school (Duncan) and last night I got a call to sub on the swing shift. (all 3 lunches) I did not have anything else schedualed today so I took it. Let me tell you , one, I am glad it was indoor recess and two I am not sure I like the swing shift. It involves all three recess. Now thankfully we were in doors today but otherwise I would have done three very cold and snowy recessess outside.
It was nice however; I got to see all 3 boys at school today, Micah likes it the most he never fails to come give me a hug and kiss. Aaron usually would like to at least say Hi but today he got busted because he is not allowed to wear an undershirt as a regular t-shirt to school and guess what he was wearing when I saw him? If you guessed an undershirt you were right!
The rest of th day was typical answering and returning phone calls plus preparing for our ladies ministries Winter Beach Bash for this Friday.
Now Zach has to get ready for discipleship class this evening so I need to get them all fed.

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